Family Planning

Family planning Services entails responsible management of reproduction. Full spectrums of services are offered by Dr. Salisbury and her team.

These include-

  • hormonal contraception which comes in many forms, oral tablets with
    shortened menses, vaginal hormonal contraception, (Nuva Ring) or
    transdermal (through the skin Ortho Evra patch)
  • hormone injections DepoProvera
  • hormonal implant Implanon (3 year method)
  • IntraUterine Devices Mirena and ParaGard inserted in the office
    • Natural Family Planning
    • Permanent Sterilization performed in day surgical setting
    • Counseling regarding barrier and spermicidal methods
    • Diaphram fitting
    • Essure, transuterine placement of coils to obstruct the fallopian