Stressed by Pads

DrN,   Thank you so much for you repair of my bladder.  The day procedure worked great and I’m back to work in one week,  no more pads!!  I am ready to go to Mexico this winter and enjoy a bathing suit without being wet from the inside out.  signed, not stressed by pads.

Dear pads no more,   You are so welcome.  There is a procedure that is called Tension Free Vaginal Tape that allows women to have an outpatient procedure, under anesthesia and be back to work in a week.  The results are excellent and women do not have to fear the ‘leakies’ particularly with cough, sneeze or laugh…. trampolines, pogo sticks and a good belly laugh.    I have had excellent results and offer a variety of the TVT  depending on a patients history.  TVT or TVT-O  or TVT Secure.   Thanks for the feedback   Dr. N

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