Surgical Gynecology

Dr. N is a surgeon as part of her board certification in Ob/GYN. She offers the full spectrum of gynecological surgery as well as acting as a consultant to general surgeons in the area of gynecology. She carries out minimally invasive office procedures for the treatment of heavy menses including endometrial ablation. She offers office treatment of abnormal pap smears including LEEP.

She carries out hysteroscopic evaluation of abnormal uterine bleeding. She carries out patient laparoscopy which is surgery through the ‘belly button’. Procedures such as sterilization, removal of ovaries and supracervical hysterectomy can be carried out. Robotic technology is used when deemed appropriate and will benefit the patient. Major surgeries include hysterectomy, removal of pelvic masses, and treatment of ectopic pregnancies. She is an experienced vaginal surgeon and proficient at performing surgical correction of female pelvic relaxation including repair of cystocele (dropped bladder), rectocele (herniation of rectum in vagina), and uterine prolapse. She has extensive experience in placement of a vaginal ‘tape’ for correction of a leaky bladder which is a day procedure- TVT.

Dr. N enjoys the art of surgery and prides herself in the aesthetic management of surgical technique. Dr. N has had a busy surgical practice and looks forward to helping women with this personal decision by explaining the process in an understandable and cooperative manner.