Urinary Incontinence Surgery

Dr. N is aware of the significant problem women face in dealing with stress incontinence. This is urinary leakage that is caused by any form of straining such as running, sneezing, laughing or similar activities. It can result from childbirth or other factors affecting the stability of the urethra. It affects hygiene, lifestyle and mood. She has carried out a minimally invasive procedure called TVT for over 7 years and hundreds of procedures.

The success of this procedure is close to 90 % in the well chosen patient and can be carried out in the out patient setting with minimal time off work and no abdominal incision. It can be a life changing procedure that allows a woman to ‘throw the pads away’. Urge incontinence, not a surgical problem, can be best treated with medications.

Dr. N can carry out an appropriate evaluation to decide the proper form of treatment. She will also discuss life style changes and physical therapy to enhance therapy or precede surgery.