Vaginal Prolapse Surgery

Dr. N is a Board Certified Gynecological Surgeon. There are mainly three compartments to the vagina that can prolapse or ‘droop’. These include the wall over the bladder, the anterior compartment, the wall over the rectum, the posterior compartment, and the uterus and cervix, the apical compartment. Any one or all of these tissues can begin to prolapse due to weakening of the musculature, trauma, genetics or childbirth. There are conservative measures that can be taken to help with early changes such as pelvic floor exercises and physical therapy. Sometime changing hormones can help the strength for the tissue.

When prolapse is severe and tissue is felt outside the vagina, a woman can use a pessary or consider surgical techniques for correction. There are vaginal approaches, abdominal surgeries and more extensive pelvic reconstructive surgeries that Dr. N may choose to refer to a tertiary care center in Portland. Procedures such as Anterior and Posterior Repair or colporrhaphy are offered as well as Vaginal Hysterectomy only when indicated. Even when conditions are not severe but hamper sexual satisfaction, Dr. N has received special training to carry out laser asssisted reconstructive techniques to tighten the vaginal walls and vaginal opening. This is a form of aesthetics that will be addressed under Vaginal Rejuvination.

Dr N welcomes consultations to talk openly about the patients personal needs and help give the patient an assessment that allows open, frank discussions. Dr. N respects this as a personal decsion and one that should be made collaboratively.